Save Lucy Liu’s Mother

[2 mins]

When she was just four years old, Lucy was abducted from her daycare and held as ransom by Chinese police. They wanted to find her mother, Mrs. Liu Yan, and persecute her until Liu renounces her faith in Falun Gong.

International Human Rights Day Panel Discussion: Falun Gong and Canada-China Policy

On the eve of International Human Rights Day, a panel of lawmakers and human rights lawyers and advocates went online to examine the Chinese Communist Party’s systematic countrywide rights violations against the Falun Gong spiritual practice and its consequences for Canada-China policy. The ruthless and relentless atrocities carried out in […]

Claws of the Red Dragon

Inspired by real life events, the film Claws of the Red Dragon is based on the arrest of “Mega Hi-Tech Chinese Heiress” and CFO Meng Wanzhou in Canada, causing a political storm among the United States, China, and Canada.

In the Name of Confucius

[Trailer: 2 min]

“In the Name of Confucius” is the first documentary film exposing the growing global controversies surrounding the Chinese government’s multi-billion dollar Confucius Institute (CI), a Chinese language program attaching to over 1,600 foreign universities and schools around the world.