Lihua Chi – Pregnant While My Husband Is in Jail

[4 mins]

Not long after the persecution of Falun Gong began in 1999, Lihua Chi’s husband, Xu Dawei, was imprisoned for his faith. The detention center prevented their family from visiting him. When Lihua discovered she was pregnant, she couldn’t share the news with her husband in person. Her husband was sentenced […]

Heartfelt Chinese New Year Wishes: Families Sending Love to Persecuted Parents

[5 mins]

As Chinese New Year celebrations begin, family members of Falun Gongpractitioners send heartfelt greetings to their loved ones unjustlydetained in China. Joining these family members with messages encouraging hope andresilience, human rights experts and advocates send greetings to theFalun Gong community. Read more about their stories and find out how […]

A Girl’s Testimony of Her Imprisoned Father

[3 min]

Jun Yi was 15 when her father was arrested for practicing Falun Gong. She vividly remembers the first time she visited him after his detention. He appeared frail and battered. With pain in his eyes, he recounted the abuses he had suffered. © Falun Dafa Information Center 2023

Home Ransacked by Police | Emma Guo

[3:32 min]

Emma Guo, a Falun Gong practitioner now living in the US, describes what it was like when the persecution of the practice first began in 1999. She recalls police raiding her home and taking away her mother for speaking out about the crackdown.

Cindy Xu – Father Marred by Scars

[4:30 min]

Cindy (Xinyang) Xu only met her father on a few occasions, and her memory of him is faint. Since before she was born, Cindy’s parents were repeatedly arrested for practicing Falun Gong. While detained her father was tortured with electric batons. She recalls being afraid to go up to him […]

Cindy Xu – My Teachers Disappeared on My Birthday

[4 min]

Cindy’s father was a Falun Dafa practitioner and died from persecution by the CCP. She was only a young girl at the time and grew up alone with her mother. At school, Cindy saw the pressure of the persecution bear down on those who had faith in Falun Dafa, including […]

Cindy Xu – My American Classmates Didn’t Understand

[3 min]

The persecution of Falun Dafa forced Cindy and her mother to move around to avoid arrest, causing Cindy to fall behind in school. When they eventually escaped China and moved to the U.S., Cindy started high school years behind. Her classmates didn’t understand why she was much older than them […]

William Huang – Blackmailed by Chinese Police

[7 min]

Huang began following the spiritual practice of Falun Gong 24 years ago while he was senior class president at Tsinghua University, one of the top universities in China. After the 1999 crackdown, Huang and other students at Tsinghua University were barred from registering for classes and were sent home to […]

Minghui Wang – If I Said This in China, I Could Be Killed

[4 min]

Minghui Wang is a senior at UC Berkeley. She has a remarkable story that, if Minghui said aloud in China, she could be killed for. Minghui was born under the persecution in China. During her childhood, she was separated from her mother and father because Chinese Communist Party officials frequently […]

Han Yu Story

[2 min]

The last time she saw her father, Han Yu was only 19 years old. The Chinese police had detained her father for his faith multiple times following the 1999 CCP directive to eradicate Falun Gong, but this would be the last. He died within a few months in detention, but […]

Save Lucy Liu’s Mother

[2 mins]

When she was just four years old, Lucy was abducted from her daycare and held as ransom by Chinese police. They wanted to find her mother, Mrs. Liu Yan, and persecute her until Liu renounces her faith in Falun Gong.

Letter Campaign: Save Them For Grace

[1 min]

All Grace (Fayuan) Chen hopes for this holiday season is her parents’ safety. Her mother and father were arrested and detained by Hunan Province authorities in October 2020, on the grounds of attending a reading session of Falun Gong texts akin to Bible study. Grace hasn’t heard from them since. […]

Crystal Chen – Faith Helped Me Survive Cruel Torture

[5 min]

Guangzhou native Crystal Chen operated the largest textile trading companies in the region until 1999, when the persecution on her faith began. Her livelihood was torn away as a result and she was also detained. From then on, the local authorities regularly used salt torture and force-feeding to coerce her into denouncing her beliefs.

Crystal Chen – Making Christmas Lights Until My Fingers Bled

[4 min]

Falun Gong practitioners are treated as slaves in China, Chen reveals. She was forced to do factory work for 16 hours a day, making anything from Disney merch to Christmas lights. Not only did the labor conditions mangle her hands, the guards also incentivized other inmates to abuse Falun Gong practitioners with an early release from prison…

Fuyao Li – Visiting My Parents in Jail

[2 min]

Fuyao Li rarely uttered the words “Mom” and “Dad” in her childhood, because the Chinese Communist Party had deemed them dissidents for simply practicing a spiritual meditation. Li was only allowed to visit them twice a year, for mere minutes at a time. 

Fuyao Li – Held Captive in School Dormitory

[4 min]

When she was in primary school, Fuyao Li and her mother were imprisoned in a shoddy storage room in the schoolyard where Li attended and her mother had taught for years. Li’s mother was removed from her position, and two teachers kept 24/7 surveillance on the mother-daughter duo to pressure […]

Fuyao Li – Mom and Dad Arrested

[4 min]

On a seemingly normal evening, police abruptly barged into Fuyao’s home and ransacked through their belongings. Within the hour, the police took her parents away due to their faith in Falun Gong.

Guoliang Zhang – Surviving Brainwashing and Sleep Deprivation

[5 min]

Zhang survived six years of torture under the Chinese regime, most notably psychological torture. Authorities regularly held brainwashing sessions with thirty or forty people, where they were forced to watch hours of state propaganda that demonized Falun Gong and then write essays denouncing their spiritual beliefs.

Guoliang Zhang – Pilot Banned from Flights

[5 min]

Although Zhang experienced how Falun Gong benefited his mental and physical health, the government order to eradicate the practice on July 20, 1999 changed everything. His flying license, pilot badge and passport were confiscated by the airline. Since then, none of the pilots who practiced Falun Gong were allowed to fly for Chinese airlines.