Family Rescue Campaign

When she was just four years old, Lucy was abducted from her daycare and held as ransom by Chinese police. They wanted to find her mother, Mrs. Liu Yan, and persecute her until Liu renounces her faith in Falun Gong.

Her mother previously protested the arbitrary detention of the practitioners by holding a hunger strike in prison. Guards proceeded to force-feed Mrs. Liu, an excruciatingly painful process that often causes internal bleeding and mangles the throat.

Now Lucy is 24 years old, and an award-winning animation student at Sheridan College in Ontario. Her mother is still in China, and continues to be harassed and arrested to this day.

Most recently her mother, Mrs. Liu Yan, was arrested on September 30, 2021. Mrs. Liu is currently being detained at the Kunming Detention Center in China.

The Falun Dafa Information Center is requesting assistance in asking the Chinese government about Mrs. Liu’s condition and calling for her immediate release.

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Campaign: #SaveLucysMother