A Decade of Courage, Part 1 — The Protest that Changed China

[21 min]

On April 25 ten thousand Falun Gong practitioners gathered at the central appeals office in Beijing to request that the harassment of practitioners and restrictions on publishing Falun Gong teachings end and that the unlawfully detained practitioners be released. The gathering was peaceful and orderly. The CCP misrepresented the this gathering in the media as a “siege” of the central government compound, and thus politicized Falun Gong, both in China and abroad.

A Decade of Courage, Part 2 — Soul of a Nation

[25 min]

After ten years of often-brutal persecution by Chinas Communist authorities, the Chinese spiritual practice Falun Gong remains a visible presence worldwide. Its still practiced, although often in secret, by millions in the Mainland. What makes these people so committed to their beliefs? In A Decade of Courage: Soul of a […]

Decade of Courage, Part 3 — China’s Hidden Holocaust

[22 min]

Thursday, June 10th, 1999. To most of us, it’s like any other day. But on that day, the Chinese communist regime created a Gestapo-style secret police agency, with the mission to destroy Falun Gong–by any means necessary. With the tools of torture and the resources of the worlds most populous […]

A Decade of Courage, Part 4 — China’s Deadly Harvest

[24 min]

Numbers are symbols; they represent anything and everything. But they also hide what they represent, like a mask. In ten years, the names of over 4,000 Falun Gong practitioners have been collected; they are the names of people who have been killed through torture by Chinese authorities. But, how many […]