Ben Maloney, Director of Digital Outreach at the Falun Dafa Information Center, joins NTD Television host Kevin Hogan on May 31, 2023 to examine the recent government charges of Chinese agents in the United States.

Earlier that week, the Department of Justice charged two people who are suspected Chinese agents for targeting the spiritual group Falun Gong community in the U.S. It involved an alleged bribery scheme to strip a group run by Falun Gong of its tax-exempt status.

Maloney said, “When you look at what they (the CCP) do to peaceful citizens, and the fact that they’ve exported that—as we’ve proven with this case to the United States—what do you think their intentions are for the world, for anyone that speaks against them, for a company that does something against them, for individuals, whether that’s Falun Gong-related or not, this is the lengths they’re willing to go.”