Now and For the Future | TV Series | 24 min

As different Qigong practices rapidly grew in popularity in the 80’s to early 90’s, many false and sham practices emerged as well. Qigong practitioners in China continue to seek out genuine practices for healing and wellbeing. One morning in the city of Changchun, after completing exercise, several qigong practitioners discuss their experiences, and are joined by a Qigong teacher who begins to explain the reasons and deeper meanings of their experiences. He demonstrates a few exercises of a Qigong for them, and thereafter they begin to practice them readily. The practice is known as Falun Gong. Popularity in the practice grows dramatically as Teacher Li Hongzhi begins a two-year lecture tour across China, publicly speaking and lecturing on the history of Qigong, helping to correct the misconceptions of Qigong, and highlighting why Falun Gong is different. The attendees are joyously amazed.