Heartfelt Chinese New Year Wishes: Families Sending Love to Persecuted Parents

[5 mins]

As Chinese New Year celebrations begin, family members of Falun Gongpractitioners send heartfelt greetings to their loved ones unjustlydetained in China. Joining these family members with messages encouraging hope andresilience, human rights experts and advocates send greetings to theFalun Gong community. Read more about their stories and find out how […]

Highlights from Falun Gong Panels, IRF Summit 2023

[17 min]

At the International Religious Freedom Summit, Executive Director Levi Browde discussed the challenges in documenting the persecution of Falun Gong, Grace Chen shared her story and called for the release of her detained parents, and Simon Zhang shared the story of his mother’s arrest, torture, and death in custody. Learn […]

Letter Campaign: Save Them For Grace

[1 min]

All Grace (Fayuan) Chen hopes for this holiday season is her parents’ safety. Her mother and father were arrested and detained by Hunan Province authorities in October 2020, on the grounds of attending a reading session of Falun Gong texts akin to Bible study. Grace hasn’t heard from them since. […]