Now and For the Future | TV Series | 31 min

As many spiritual practices in history have experienced, along with the growth and popularity come difficulties and trials to test the adherents’ faith and evaluate one’s worthiness for the benefits of the practice. Such is also the fate of Falun Gong. Many practitioners sense an impending crackdown from the Chinese Communist Party. However, few could predict the persecution’s eventual size, scale, and severity. While the practice continues to grow and Teacher Li receives more commendations around the world, behind the scenes the pieces of a full-scale crackdown are put into place. History would show that Jiang Zemin, the leader of the Chinese Communist Party, is the impetus for the crackdown and persecution of Falun Gong. Initially, permits for public exercise is revoked. In tandem, all party officials and members of the military are banned from practicing Falun Gong. Soon thereafter, all state media across China begin a coordinated propaganda campaign to discredit and defame Falun Gong. Then comes the mass arrests of Falun Gong practitioners across the nation.