© Dejan Marković Skile | Serbia | 2019 | 73min | Documentary

What happens when an ordinary person is declared as enemy of the state?
During 2014. visit of Chinese PM to Serbia, 12 human rights activists tried to make peaceful protest. In order to stop them, police used all kinds of tricks and even kidnapped them.


Dejan is just an ordinary guy, living in a post-communist country. However, each time a Chinese official visits his country, he’s treated as public enemy No. 1: the state security taps his phones and tails both him and his family members, while the public security pays special attention to him by visiting his workplace and his home. The reason? Because he practices Falun Gong. So, what is Falun Gong? Why is it banned and persecuted in China and what is the connection with Serbia?

By following the events on the margins of the Chinese Summit held in Belgrade in 2014, when the police unlawfully detained 11 Falun Gong activists from EU countries, we discover the story. The activists were held in order to avoid spreading the truth about the persecution of Falun Gong in China. Through their testimony in this documentary, in addition to Dejan’s, the truth is brought to the light of the day.

The truth is shocking and hard to believe. The bitter truth about China and the whole world we live in.