Gen. Spalding: How China’s Communist Party Uses the Pandemic to Expand Global Influence

Amidst the CCP virus pandemic, how is the Chinese Communist Party using the doctrine of “unrestricted warfare” to attack America? How is it leveraging medical supplies to do so? How should the US respond to the Chinese regime’s information warfare campaign against the US and other free nations, and its attempts to make the West more economically reliant on China?

[CCP Virus] COVID 19 Pandemic Shows Why It’s Dangerous to Rely on China for Medicine—Rosemary Gibson

How is it possible that the global supply of medicine components is almost entirely controlled by China? How is this being used as leverage against other countries, especially the U.S.? What would happen if China decided to stop exporting drug ingredients, especially now, during the CCP virus, or coronavirus outbreak? Why are special interests like Big Pharma lobbying against a potential “Buy American” executive order?