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Today the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) wields influence over so much of American life. Our Hollywood movies, Wall Street firms, Big Tech companies, our media institutions, our universities, and even our own government leaders; so many of them have significant financial ties to the CCP. So what does this mean for us, and how might we face this challenge?

To answer this question, we need to understand the nature of the CCP.

This acclaimed documentary explores the CCP regime by telling the story of what it has done to Falun Gong… and Falun Gong’s response. This David and Goliath story reveals in shocking detail the lengths that the CCP has gone to in order to violently suppress, silence, and malign a group of peaceful meditators.

It is through these stories that we see what the CCP is really all about. Yet, these stories also provide a model for how we might effectively defy the CCP’s tyranny as it encroaches more and more into our communities and our lives right here in America.