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Award-Winning Documentary, Finding Courage, Shows the Brutal Operations of China’s Communist Regime Through the Eyes of a Chinese-American Family 

The 80-minute film features undercover footage shot secretly inside a Chinese labor camp, rare, exclusive interviews with former regime officials, and tells the true story of what happens to Chinese officials when they break from the control of the Chinese regime and become enemies of the state.

“Hollywood has consistently blocked any story that shines a light on the brutal reality citizens face in China and the impact that has on Americans,” says Kay Rubacek, director of Finding Courage. “As independent filmmakers, we have to work doubly hard to get these true stories out to the public, but Americans deserve to know the truth about what is really going on in China because it affects our health, jobs, and our way of life.”

Finding Courage has screened in film festivals across America since May, winning top accolades, such as a Gold Remi Award at the 53rd Houston International Film Festival (one of the longest-running, and largest film and video competitions in the world) and Best Feature Film, Audience Choice Award, at the Jersey Shore Film Festival. “This may be one of the most important documentaries we have ever received,” said the Jersey Shore Film Festival. “Essential viewing” wroteThe European Documentary Magazine. “Hard-hitting” wrote the Journal of Political Risk. “Profoundly touching”said Hong Kong Bilingual News.


Finding Courage​ is a character-driven documentary told by Yifei Wang, a former journalist for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Her family has been torn apart for practicing the Falun Gong spiritual discipline, which was ordered to be “eradicated” by former regime dictator, Jiang Zemin. During the nationwide eradication campaign, Yifei was arrested, her sister was murdered, and her brother was sentenced to 13 years in prison. Yifei was able to escape China with the help of her high-profile journalist husband and faces mental anguish of living in exile in the United States.

After having escaped to America​, Yifei seeks to hold the CCP accountable for the murder of her sister. Gordon, Yifei’s husband, covertly seeks to record evidence at the labor camp in China where Kefei had been tortured to death to implicate the CCP and the camp in the crime.

Despite his wife Sophia’s wishes after being released from prison, Leo​ ​builds a chair he had been tortured in while being detained, even through the painful memories of the past that it provokes in both of them. He plans to use the chair to bring media attention to what is happening in China.

Against all odds,​ Yifei and Leo must find the courage to recall their traumatic experiences and to expose the persecution still raging on in China in their own way. Will Leo’s wife come to support him in his efforts to build the chair? Will their family finally be able to indict the murderer of Kefei? In their journeys, they find strength in each other, and hope for all of China.