Films for Freedom | 2017 | 7min | Award winning short film

In a mysterious red room, a young Chinese mother must choose between her heart and her soul when she falls into the clutches of a sadistic communist doctor. Based on true events, Ravage delves into the dark reality of China’s murderous human rights record and reveals an unthinkable crime.

Directed by: Leon Lee / Starring: Anastasia Lin

In the short film Ravage, Chinese police and medical staff cut open a woman to sell her organs to unwitting transplant patients. And it turns out she’s not their first victim. How could a scene like this be true? If there’s one thing more terrifying than this fictional film, it’s the staggering facts behind it.

In 2009, a courageous eyewitness came forward who wanted to clear his conscience. The armed guard was present at a surgery on April 9, 2002, in an operating room on the 15th floor of the General Hospital of Shenyang Military Command. He was stationed in the room while two military doctors extracted organs from a woman without administering any anesthesia. The victim was a middle school teacher in her 30s detained for practicing Falun Gong — a spiritual practice banned since 1999 by the Chinese Communist Party. Before the doctors killed her, she had been subjected to a month of severe torture, brainwashing, molestation and rape. The scenes in the film Ravage are a toned down depiction of the guard’s eyewitness account.

“You can kill me, one person, but can you kill millions of us?” — the victim’s last words

When accounts began surfacing from Chinese immigrants and refugees that described innocent people’s organs being removed without anesthesia and the profit going to line the pockets of Chinese government officials, few people took those accounts seriously. But independent academics and researchers set about investigating whether the claims were true. A thorough analysis concluded that, sadly, yes, house Christians, Uyghurs, Tibetans, and especially Falun Gong practitioners are the victims in an unprecedented and ongoing crime against humanity that began in 2000. What the guard in the film testified to seeing was just the tip of the iceberg.